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Tree Cutters of Florida can provide a safe and professional curb appeal for your business with our full-service commercial tree management and commercial tree services. We understand how your trees affect the environment and will give them the care they deserve to look their best. As a successful business owner, you know the outside of your office or storefront needs to look its best. Our team of arborists helps your business look its best. Whether removing or maintaining your current trees, we are the tree care team to trust.

Creating the first impression is critical for your local business. With the extensive experience Tree Cutters of Florida provides, you can rest assured it will get done right and remain worry-free. We provide trusted and expert tree services throughout the Jacksonville area.

Florida is no stranger to storms involving strong winds and heavy rain. If you have a tree go down around your business, give us a call for tree removal services immediately. We can even grind out the stumps and leave mulch for future landscaping. Call today to receive your estimate!


The purpose of a tree management plan is to establish practices that protect and maintain the health and safety of the trees on the property. Clear objectives will need to be established. These objectives might change from one prune to another and should be clearly stated before we start.
Some specific objectives for a Tree Maintenance Plan Include:

  • Raising the canopy “canopy lift” This is the pruning of the lower branches of a tree to allow for car traffic and building access.
  • Thinning the tree – Canopy thinning is the practice of removing some inner branches to let more light and air flow to the center of the tree. This also reduces the risk of potential storm damage.
  • Reduction – This refers to the removal of layered branches to reduce the overall size of the tree.
  • Obstacle clearance – It is common to remove branches that are growing into signs, buildings, or power lines.
  • Deadwood removal – This is the practice of routinely removing dead branches that accumulate on mature trees and become a hazard. Some trees more commonly get branches that die and shed. It is better for the tree and pedestrians that these branches are removed before they fall.

Commercial Tree Services Make Good First Impressions

Services such as tree pruning and tree trimming require a professional touch. The outside of your business will draw in new customers, and with our commercial tree services, you can count on it looking its best. Our team of commercial arborists even offers emergency tree services. We understand that Florida weather can bring storms with heavy wind and rain that rip branches off and split trees. TCF will have the trees surrounding your business back in shape in no time. If tree trimming and tree pruning do not work, we can fully remove them as well. With industry-leading tools and an eye for design, you can trust our team to help you make an excellent impression on your guests.

TCF Provides Commercial Tree Removal

Have you started to notice rot, or is the foliage not as lush as it used to be? Our certified arborists use tree removal and stump grinding services to make your space safe and beautiful again. Tree removal is one of our specialty commercial tree services. We come to your office or retail space with all the tools necessary to get the job done swiftly. Time is money, and we understand you need a safe space to serve your customers. Jacksonville is no stranger to heavy rains and damaging winds. Because of this, we provide emergency tree services to get them removed to restore your space. You can count on us 24/7 for these emergency tree services.

Tree Cutters of Florida Sets Ourselves Apart in the Industry

When you work with Tree Cutters of Florida, you are working with the most capable and knowledgeable team out there. Our team helps explain all the commercial tree services your landscape needs. If you ever have questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to our team members. We set ourselves apart from the competition by fully understanding the process and working as efficiently as possible. TCF also partners with licensed and certified arborists to ensure your trees receive the best care imaginable. Allow us to make your property even more beautiful with our expert touch. You can count on us for all of the following commercial tree services:


TCF Serves Businesses in Jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL is our home, which is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing commercial tree services to residents and businesses alike. Our team of arborists leads the community in what it means to trim, prune, remove, mulch, and more. Municipalities, private companies, golf courses, cemeteries, government agencies, and more rely on our team of professional and certified arborists.

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When you notice a downed tree or you need tree trimming and tree pruning services, call on the professionals at Tree Cutters of Florida. Count on us to offer helpful advice and guidance on the commercial tree services you need. From start to finish, you can rely on our expert tree services providers to only provide the services you need. We will never overcharge or suggest unnecessary tree services. Our local community depends on us to help draw in customers and prevent damage to their business building. We provide 24/7 emergency tree services to avoid any further damage from happening after wind and rainstorms.

Tree removal is sometimes necessary

Count on us to provide a more welcoming outdoor presence for your business with our full service tree care and commercial tree services.

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