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Years of Land Clearing Experience From the Pros

Tree Cutters of Florida has helped residents and businesses in the Jacksonville, FL area for many years. In this time, we have come to understand the best methods for land clearing services and more. You can also count on our staff to have the most up-to-date training and industry-leading tools. We keep your property safe and ensure it looks how you imagine. Our experienced tree experts will help get you the answers you need and then provide those services fast. We would never overcharge or suggest unnecessary services for your trees and land. TCF also partners with licensed arborists to ensure your trees receive the best care possible.

You can count on us for all the tree services your property will need. We do it all from land clearing, stump grinding, trimming, and so much more. Our skills have allowed us to become leaders in the tree and arboriculture industry and handle any project, large or small. Once you discover the need for these types of tree services, give us a call. We will send out our specialists to conduct an appraisal and then deliver a free estimate for the required tree services.

Land Clearing Services in Jacksonville, FL

Land clearing services require so much more than simply removing trees from your property. Count on Tree Cutters of Florida to get the job completely done. We come equipped with all the essential tools for tree trimming, stump grinding, and everything else associated with land clearing. Whether you want a better view of your property or a new space for gardening, TCF has you covered. Not only do we offer land clearing services, but we help with the cleanup by providing the following:

Forestry Mulching – Mulch can get expensive when you are trying to garden or set up landscaping. Allow us to help lessen this cost by mulching up the trees, long grass, and other vegetation we removed with our land clearing services. You also reduce your carbon footprint by returning this mulch to the ground. These services also boost your property value by allowing potential buyers to see the land they’ll own and make it look more beautiful.

Brush Mowing – When your trees are smaller in diameter, or there is just a large area of tall grass needing removed, brush mowing is the service for you. This land clearing service opens up for property for new driveways or fence rows. It can also help remove spaces for vermin such as snakes, raccoons, and mice to live and potentially enter your home. Your cleared area will get more sunlight and start allowing nutrients to get into the soil. Once it’s healthier, you can begin to use it for other projects.

Why Choose Tree Cutters of Florida?

Trying to handle these services on your own can get very tiring. Tree Cutters of Florida is equipped with professional tools to make these tasks much easier. We have studied all the best ways to handle land clearing services. We keep our staff safe with the proper equipment as well. Each is a certified arborist who understands what it takes to safely bring these trees down and remove them from your property or return them to the Earth with mulching. Another reason to call on our team is our ability to stay within OSHA’s safety guidelines when operating our tools and to remove your vegetation. We can even help decide how many trees to take down to make it a healthier environment. Sometimes you just need a simple tree thinning, and TCF is here to help. Our professional opinion is backed by years of experience and understanding of how Jacksonville vegetation works together. Rely on our team to get the job done the first time correctly and stay safe from the comfort of your home.


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Call on Tree Cutters of Florida, and we will provide you with a certified arborist and a free estimate for land clearing, mulching, and brush mowing services. No matter the time of day or night, we can provide your home or office with 24/7 emergency tree services. We will also work with your insurance company to help keep costs low and stay within your budget.



Land clearing services require so much more than simply removing trees from your property.

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